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Entrepreneurial Bootcamp 2.0 — We Are Change

Tarhouni Seif - 3 novembre 2018 - 0 comments

It is a fact that, since the revolution, the Tunisian startup scene has expanded : Talented young university graduates are launching startup companies, creating an impressive wave of civic entrepreneurship throughout the country. In fact, Despite the challenges, Tunisan young people are dreaming and working on being successful entrepreneurs and Tunisian startups are now growing in number.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

One of the challenges facing the Tunisian youth is the issue of skills : there is a mismatch between the education the system provides and the skills needed for the job market. This means that university graduates’ acquired skills might not be conducive to the needs of the current day market, which requires a mindset of independence and entrepreneurship.

In this context, the Work Zone co-working space, aiming at providing opportunities for knowledge exchange and for networking among aspiring entrepreneurs, collaborated with the INNOVEN Junior Entreprise which organised the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp 2.0 within the Université libre de Tunis (ULT) in which students gathered and were exposed to lectures, conferences, inspiring talks, success stories from guest speakers, soft skills and business coaching, workshops and a competition to pitch their ideas.

In this second edition of the Entrepreneurial Camp, Mr Marouen Hadhri, Mr Khaled Khechine, Mr Mahdi Mkaouar, Mr Mahmoud Belghith and Mrs Marwa Ghazweni shared their exceptional experiences with the participants. Then, a training session on ‘’l’éveil de l’énergie créative’’ was carried out by Coach Insaf Amor. And finally a workshop on “Stress management and public speaking” was led by Mr. Mahdi Mkaouar followed by another workshop dealing with the “ Elevator Pitch” presented by Mr Marouen Hadhri.

The Camp ended on a positive note, as the winner “ Rania Ochi”, A student at the Ecole Supérieure Privée d’Ingénierie et de Technologies — ESPRIT, in the final challenge was given a month-Pass in the Work Zone co-working space. This initiative is part of the this co-working space engagement and commitment to encouraging young dreamers.

Here, people evolve together. We transform buildings into dynamic environments that stimulate creativity.

written and edited by:

Tricky Safa, Workzone Communications Manager

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