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An engine of economic development

Tarhouni Seif - 3 novembre 2018 - 0 comments

The universities become an engine of economic development and venture creation in our country.

Work Zone Keynotes: Psychology of entrepreneurship

In these few years, our universities faced a great student involvement in the Tunisian entrepreneurship ecosystem. . We are witnessing a lot of community partnerships, and a boom in the academic leadership as well as an openness to new ideas.

Many students take courses and trainings every year in entrepreneurship and innovation to catch the entrepreneurial spirit and develop their skills and tools to launch their start-ups.

The number of business programs, university wide programs, campus incubators such as ESPRIT incubator, ESSECT ENSIT BUSINESS INCUBATOR… and support for student entrepreneurs has grown.

Moreover, entrepreneurship has become a major concern to both scholars and policymakers because of its significant role in the Tunisian economic and social transformation.

As a matter of fact, and as a coworking space, we choose to be part of this transformation and helping students to be a future effective entrepreneurs, by extending our partnership with university clubs and by sponsoring their business challenges, bootcamps and hackathons.

Partnership with INNOVEN Junior Entreprise

Working with communities like INNOVEN Junior Entereprise, startup weekend Manouba, Ektebli:INSAT Press, SecuriNets, National Information Technology Day… is a step forward to engage more students in entrepreneurial activities.

“The beginning is always NOW.” ― Roy T. Bennett

However, we should understand that entrepreneurship activities, trainings and courses alone cannot transform these students into real entrepreneurs. Thus, the need for understanding the entrepreneurial behaviour and psychology of these students is on the top of our concerns. That’s why, since our inauguration we have focused on the psychology of entrepreneurs, self-growth and self-esteem.

Written by: Ibtihel Hamraoui Web and Partnerships Officer

Edited by: Tricky Safa Communications Manager

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