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Hive 12 Coworking Space

Hive12 is coworking space founded in January 2018 by ichraf jarray, it is located at Yasser Arafat street, Sahloul Sousse, its structure is based on two principle keys: mutualisation and collaboration.
Hive12 is a catalyst for the entrepreneurial spirit in the Sahel region.

Social Media Club Tunisia

The Social Media Club Tunisia is a member of the Social Media Club based in the United States which gathers more than 600 clubs around the world. Created in 2013 by Bahia Nar and Abdelkarim Benabdallah, the Tunisian chapter of the SMC aims to share experiences between professionals and to ensure open communication focused on the needs of the community, but also to spread good practices in use of social networks.


Founded by Ibrahim Benabdallah, coach in communication and public speaking, the Rebirth company provides a number of to-be leaders with the adequate trainings that focus on individual skills such as public speaking, rhetorical skills, leadership, communication skills and strategic planning under the supervision and guidance of qualified trainers through workshops, simulations and exercises in line with the modern method of training.


Founded by, Wajdi Abdelhedi, wab-expert offers services to companies in the area of consultancy, accounting and auditing.


WritUP est une plateforme de freelance en rédaction de contenu : Elle met en relation ceux qui ont besoin de contenu avec des rédacteurs talentueux bien sélectionnés, cette plateforme offre plusieurs types de services tels que la rédaction, traduction, correction, reformulation …