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Work Zone coworkers get access to Hive 12 under a new Partnership

Tarhouni Seif - 3 novembre 2018 - 0 comments

Reputation+ community+ shared access = collaborative consumption

When you need to innovate, you need collaboration — Marissa Mayer

Work Zone is adding another service through a partnership with Hive 12 coworking space.

Under the deal, work zone and hive 12 are providing their communities a double roaming option when they are traveling to Sousse or to Tunis which means, the two partnering spaces welcome both members.

It’s a big added value to both co-workers and additionally brings them closer to each other.

This partnership aims to gain new connection from interacting and collaborating with other communities as well as creating a network full of opportunities and knowledge exchange.

This Collaboration brings the Tunisian entrepreneurs and freelancers together and encourages collaboration is the type of environment that foster our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Work Zone and Hive 12 have come to co-develop a full line of trainings, workshops and other programs that allow both communities to instantly get more experiences, networking, and clients.

Workshops: Social Selling — Alexandre Contart

On 26th of March, this collaboration rolled up as a first step a workshop “SOCIAL SELING” insured by Alexandre Contart (you can find more information about the workshop on our Facebook page), and the best is yet to come…

Written and edited by:

Ibtihel Hamraoui, Web and Partnerships Officer

Tricky Safa, Communications Manager

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